So, what is the NDF Quote Archive?
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...So, what is the NDF Quote Archive?
A place where you can submit funny things people say on NDForums.

What are "quotes"?
Depending on the context, quotes can be one of two things here. Primarily they are a series of messages, written by users on the forums, which together end up being amusing or comical. Quotes can also refer to the individual messages themselves, each loaded separately on the quote submission page.

Right, so how do you submit one exactly?
It might seem a little more daunting than it really is.

First, click Submit a Quote on the top bar.

Look for the input field that looks like this:

Next, just type in the post number you want to quote from, like so:

Now then, see the + and - symbols in the middle of the dark blue bar? These ones:

You can click on these to add or remove reply boxes, or these things:

Once there are enough reply boxes to your liking, fill in the "Reply #" fields on the left of each, like this:

Remember, you can use "0" to specify the original post, along with its title. Otherwise just type the reply numbers you want to quote. Once you're ready, go ahead and click "Load" for each, and watch the message magically appear in the box on the right!

Still with me? Good, because I'm done. All you need to do now is press the "Submit" button on the very bottom, and that's that! Congratulations, you've submitted your very first quote to the NDF Quote Archive! Congratulations! Congratulations! You're cool now!

What happens after I submit a quote?
It becomes immortalized among all of the other quotes. Unless BNet or I find it stupid and decide to tag it.

So, wait. You can rate quotes, right? How does that work?
On one of the main quote pages, e.g. "Random Quotes", you'll see 10 little number icons on the left side of the top bar of each quote. Just choose the number you deem appropriate and click it. Your vote will automatically be sent in without needing to refresh. The next time you view that quote, its vote count will have gone up and its average may be slightly different! Its average may be slightly different! Did you hear that? I said its average may be slightly different!

Who made this thing and why?
Past The Programming Genius made it.

Is there something you'd like to say?
Yes. I want to thank BNet for giving me the hosting space and providing me with the tools to make this happen. Without him, this would not have been possible. Thanks, BNet! <3

Net was also the one who suggested I use decimal ratings for greater precision, as well as revealing the vote count for each quote. So thank him for those features too!

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