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Thread post quoting by L9 - 8.23.2015
I've discovered that on some threads (and there seems to be no apparent pattern to them), the manner in which the QA loads the page content for reading/parsing causes the page to return an "Invalid post ID" result.

Ex. of this screen: http://www.ndforums.com/forum/msg.php?id=123456789.

Even though I've concluded that the post ID is being specified correctly and the path properly formatted, the returned content still fails to include the actual post page.

Until BNet can figure out what the fuck's going on with his dumb stupid, the QA will remain closed for maintenance.

Update: Being the magnanimous admin that I am, I am reinstating quotes for replies only until further notice.

Update 2: Some replies appear not to be working either, as the reply loader script is returning incomplete listings. Submissions are now completely disabled.

An urgent plea by L9 - 8.9.2015
Recently, our very own Punisher2 posted this thread on NDForums.com.

I'm inclined to agree with it. I think we need more quotes as well.

Please start submitting more quotes, everyone. When the world crumbles and humanity withers, how will we be remembered? Less than 400 quotes over six years? Come on...
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