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The Big 2000! by L9 - 3.6.2015
We've finally hit the 2000-vote threshold! Good work, everyone.

A very interesting read by L9 - 2.22.2015
When I made this web site, I knew the All Quotes section would need page buttons for navigation. It would be impractical to just display every single quote in one giant list, right?

Before there were more than 12 or so pages, the buttons were set to display in a static horizontal lineup. After we hit 12, a dynamic scheme would kick in where depending on your current page you would see different numbered buttons. As we potentially got more and more pages filled, I didn't want the page buttons filling up in one long line either.

It's not really that complicated of a thing. You see this kind of functionality in a lot of popular bulletin board software.

However, for some reason my original scheme was designed so if you were on the first or last pages, you'd see that page, the one number adjacent, then an ellipsis (...), then 6 more of the buttons on the opposite end of the number line. However if you visited pages 2 - 5, or [last page - 1] through [last page - 4], you would see the first six buttons (on that end), then an ellipsis, then the last two at the opposite end. I would have thought you should see the first or last six anyway until you get closer to the "middle" of the pages, where it would then default to a [1][2] ... [p-2][p-1][p][p+1][p+2] ... [lp-1][lp] scheme.

This wasn't in error either; the script was expressly written to invoke this behavior. What I find odd is that I consider it undesirable and kind of inconsistent, and cannot understand why I would have gone that route in the first place.

Well, this bugged me for long enough. I have altered the numbers slightly so the pages buttons display "properly" now.
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