Creating a Forum

1. It costs 200 dumb points to make a forum, but for each POST that is made in your forum, your username automatically gets 1 point! The more popular you make your forum, the more it will benefit you!

2. You do not moderate forums you create; they are merely your contributions. You can make a forum about anything at any time, and have whoever you want post at it. More popular forums will be listed at the top of the "Created Forums" list.

3. If you are unsure whether the name of a forum is appropriate, ask me. Forums can be deleted at any time, although they normally won't be unless there's an outstanding reason for it.

4. DO NOT USE ANY NON-ALPHANUMERIC CHARACTERS IN "FORUM ID." Your forum will be deleted without a refund if you do not follow this danged rule. This is because Forum IDs with punctuation can cause problems in loading. By the way, you can enter key "iwantpoints" with code "toohuskyfortwohunsky" if you promise to lose some weight.

5. Please keep casing consistent. The format is "The General Forum," not "The geNeral Forum."